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Single Goal Planner

Single Goal Planner

We often may have the financial goal of accumulating a target amount in future for the purpose of financing any business investment or for charity or inheritance or gift to others or simply as a personal target. Whatever may be the reason, defining an objective for investments is the right way to planning your savings. One important thing to remember is to account for price rise or inflation whereby the value of money today will decrease in future. So the 1 Crore that you plan today will worth much less in a distant future...

In this tool, you can calculate the amount of investments you will need to to for a targeted amount in future, with and without accounting for the inflation component.
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We offer our services through personal counsel with each of our clients after understanding their wealth distribution needs. Our approach is to enable our clients to understand their investments, have knowledge of investment products, and that they make proper progress towards achieving their financial goals in life.

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