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Purchase of any financial products without consulting a financial distributor is like taking a medicine without doctor’s diagnosis. We offer our expert advice for choosing the best investments products which will lead to your financial freedom.

Get customized advice across investments, goals, expenses, insurance, loans, estate planning, and taxes.
Implement your customized advice by buying all the recommended financial products on one single platform.
Track your journey and review/rebalance your investments to make sure they are aligned with your goals.

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At Avinash Atul Mehta, our mission is to provide our clients with the best wealth creation and management solutions. We are driven to provide clients with simple, unbiased, and uncluttered professiaonal advice that adds value to their quality of life and results in actionable solutions.

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A mutual fund is a professionally managed investment fund that pools money from many investors to purchase securities. These investors may be retail or institutional in nature.

Mutual funds have advantages and disadvantages compared to direct investing in individual securities. The primary advantages of mutual funds are that they provide economies of scale, a higher level of diversification, they provide liquidity, and they are managed by professional investors.

  • Equity Fund
  • ELSS Fund
  • Debt Fund
  • Small Cap Fund
  • Balanced Fund
  • Large Cap Fund

Fixed income refers to any type of investment under which the borrower or issuer is obliged to make payments of a fixed amount on a fixed schedule. For example, the borrower may have to pay interest at a fixed rate once a year, and to repay the principal amount on maturity.

Fixed-income securities can be contrasted with equity securities – often referred to as stocks and shares – that create no obligation to pay dividends or any other form of income.

  • Corporate Bonds
  • Treasury Bonds
  • Certificate of Deposits

Portfolio investments are investments in the form of a group (portfolio) of assets, including transactions in equity, securities, such as common stock, and debt securities, such as banknotes, bonds, and debentures.

Portfolio investment covers a range of securities, such as stocks and bonds, as well as other types of investment vehicles. A diversified portfolio helps spread the risk of possible loss because of below-expectations performance of one or a few of them.

  • Aggressive
  • Hybrid
  • Defensive

Insurance refers to a contractual arrangement in which one party, i.e. insurance company or the insurer, agrees to compensate the loss or damage sustained to another party, i.e. the insured, by paying a definite amount, in exchange for an adequate consideration called as premium.

The insured receives a contract, called the insurance policy, which details the conditions and circumstances under which the insurer will compensate the insured.

  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Disability Insurance

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We offer our services through personal counsel with each of our clients after understanding their wealth distribution needs. Our approach is to enable our clients to understand their investments, have knowledge of investment products, and that they make proper progress towards achieving their financial goals in life.

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